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Lynch, D & Smith, R 2012, 'Teacher education partnerships: an Australian research-based perspective', Australian Journal of Teacher Education, vol. 37, no. 11, art. 8.

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Copyright D Lynch & R Smith 2012

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This article reviews literature about partnerships between teacher education faculties and schools that indicates not just heightened interest in recent years, but also significant progress. Despite interest and progress, conceptual and practical difficulties remain in establishing, developing, nurturing and implementing successful partnerships so that core interests of partners are satisfied. Against this background, the article examines the experiences of an Australian teacher education faculty that sought to enhance its arrangements with local schools by reorganizing and staging a teacher education program through a community of practice. Data drawn from a study of the emergent partnership confirm the trends in the literature and provide additional information about what appear to be essential partnership elements. The article concludes with speculative remarks about the trends in the literature and the study findings that may frame future research directions.

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