Sustaining the future through virtual worlds


Sue Gregory, University of New England
Lisa Jacka, Southern Cross UniversityFollow
Frederick Stokes-Thompson, University of South Australia
Helen Farley, University of Southern Queensland
Sheila Scutter, James Cook University
Penelope Neuendorf, Canberra Institute of Technology
Shane Mathews, Queensland University of Technology
Jaime Garcia, University of Queensland
Grant Meredith, University of Ballarat
Scott Grant, Monash University
Angela Giovanangeli, University of Technology, Sydney
Andrew Cram, Macquarie University
Tracey Muir, University of Tasmania
Jenny Grenfell, Deakin University
Anthony Williams, University of Newcastle
Angela McCarthy, James Cook University
Brent Gregory, University of New England
Stefan Schutt, Victoria University
Denise Wood, University of South Australia
Lindy Orwin, University of New England
Ian Warren, Deakin University
Matt Bower, Macquarie University
Des Butler, Queensland University of Technology
Jay Jay Jegathesan, University of Western Australia
Eimear Muir-Cochran, Flinders University
Clare Atkins, Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology
Karen Le Rossignol, Deakin University
Dale Linegar, Oztron
Ben Cleland, University of Tasmania
Lyn Hay, Charles Sturt University
Simeon Simoff, University of Western Sydney
Mathew Hillier, University of Queensland
David Ellis, Southern Cross UniversityFollow
Yvonne Masters, University of New England
Ieva Stupans, University of New England
Caroline Steel, University of Queensland
Charlynn Miller, University of Ballarat
Merle Hearns, Manukau Institute of Technology
Ross Brown, Queensland University of Technology
Kim Flintoff, Curtin University of Technology
Belma Gaukrodger, Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology
Ian Larson, Monash University
Xiangyu Wang, Curtin University of Technology
Edith Paillat, Victoria University of Wellington
Ning Gu, University of Newcastle
Anton Bogdanovych, University of Western Sydney

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Conference publication

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Gregory, S, Jacka, L, Stokes-Thompson, F, Farley, H, Scutter, S, Neuendorf, P, Mathews, S, Garcia, J, Meredith, G, Grant, S, Giovanangeli, A, Cram, A, Muir, T, Grenfell, J, Williams, A, McMarthy, A, Gregory, B, Schutt, S, Wood, D, Orwin, L, Warren, I, Bower, M, Butler, D, Jegathesan, JJ, Muir-Cochran, E, Atkins, C, Le Rossignol, KL, Linegar, D, Cleland, B, Hay, L, Simoff, S, Hillier, M, Ellis, D, Masters, Y, Stupans, I, Steel, C, Miller, C, Hearns, M, Brown, R, Flintoff, K, Gaukrodger, B, Larson, I, Wang, X, Paillat, E, Gu, N & Bogdanovych, A 2012, 'Sustaining the future through virtual worlds', in M Brown, M Hartnett & T Stewart (eds), Future challenges: sustainable futures: Australian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education (ASCILITE), Wellington, NZ, 25-28 November, ASCILITE, Massey, NZ, pp. 361-368. ISBN: 9780473229894