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Hudson, S & Hudson, P 2013, 'Re-structuring preservice teacher education: introducing the school-community integrated learning (SCIL) pathway', Journal of Education and Learning, vol. 2, no. 1, pp. 9-19.

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Reviews into teacher education call for new models that develop preservice teachers’ practical knowledge and skills. The study involved 9 mentor teachers and 14 mentees (final-year preservice teachers) working in a new teacher education model, the School-Community Integrated Learning (SCIL) pathway, and analysed data from a Likert survey with extended written responses. Despite minor discrepancies between mentors and mentees’ agreement on the experiences mentees received during the SCIL pathway, findings indicated 100% agreement on 8 of the 27 survey items for addressing the practicalities of learning how to teach. Indeed, 70% or more mentees agreed that they had a range of experiences across the five categories (i.e., personal-professional skill development, understandings of system requirements, teaching practices, student behaviour and reflective practices). Written responses outlined that preservice teachers began to recognise the breadth of teachers’ roles and responsibilities. The SCIL pathway was noted as a cost-effective model that assisted to fill some gaps indicated within general practicum and internship models.

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