Mapping groundwater level and depth in the Azraq Basin in Jordan using GIS

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Al-Adamat, R & Baban SMJ 2004, 'Mapping groundwater level and depth in the Azraq Basin in Jordan using GIS', Surveying and Land Information Science, vol. 64, no. 2, pp. 97-105.


Water resources can play a vital role in the economic development of a country. In Jordan, water resources are scarce and decreasing, and groundwater is considered the major water resource. The Azraq is one of the largest groundwater basins in Jordan, and it is currently facing an over-extraction problem. This study attempts to assess and map groundwater resources in the Azraq Basin using ARCVIEW GIS software. The relationship between land topography and depth-to-water surface was found to be statistically significant, while there was no significant association between land topography and groundwater level. Two essential thematic layers were created—depth to groundwater and groundwater level and the slope of groundwater level was mapped. The majority of the study area has a slope of less than four degrees with smaller scattered areas were the slope could rise up to 8.6 degrees. The results indicate that, due to the nature of the data involved and the analysis required, GIS could facilitate the necessary spatial digital analysis. Subsequently, its outcomes can be used for future groundwater planning and monitoring.

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