Analysing gas well production data using a simplified decline curve analysis method

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Bahadori, A 2012, 'Analysing gas well production data using a simplified decline curve analysis method', Chemical Engineering Research and Design, vol. 90, no. 4, pp. 541-547.

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Decline curves are one of the most extensively used forms of data analysis employed in evaluating gas reserves and predicting future production. The parameters determined from the classical fit of historical data can be used to predict future production and the most popular and widely accepted method is Arp's equation. In the present work, simple-to-use method, which is easier than existing approaches, less complicated with fewer calculations, is formulated to arrive at an appropriate estimation of nominal (initial) decline rate, and the Arp's decline-curve exponent. The results can be used in follow-up calculations for analysis of past trends of decline in production performance for gas wells as well as reservoirs. Using this method is quite simple and accurate to generate the coefficients of the equations instead of opting for ready-generated coefficients with uncertainty. The engineers can easily develop their own computer program to compute the coefficients and hence obtain the solution for gas reserves and production performance in reservoirs.

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