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Postprint of: Bahadori, A, Jamili, A & Zendehboudi, S 2013, 'Calculating pseudo-steady-state horizontal oil well productivity in rectangular drainage areas using a simple method', Chemical Engineering Communications, vol. 200, no. 1, pp. 222-234.

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To determine the economical feasibility of drilling a horizontal well, engineers need reliable methods to estimate its productivity. In this work, a simple-to-use method is developed to rapidly estimate a pseudo-steady-state horizontal well's productivity. Estimations are found to be in excellent agreement with the reliable data in the literature, with average absolute deviation being less than 1%. The tool developed in this study can be of immense practical value for petroleum engineers to make a quick check on a pseudo-steady-state horizontal well's productivity at various conditions without opting for any field trials. The predictive tool is simple and straightforward, and it can be readily implemented in a standard spreadsheet program. The prime application of the method is as a quick-and-easy evaluation tool in conceptual development and scoping studies where horizontal wells are being considered. The method may also serve as a benchmark in numerical reservoir simulation studies.

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