Mapping floods in the St Joseph watershed, Trinidad, using GIS

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Conference publication

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Baban, SMJ & Kantasingh, R 2005, 'Mapping floods in the St Joseph watershed, Trinidad, using GIS', in T Wagener, S Franks, HV Gupta, E Bøgh, L Bastidas, C Nobre, C de Oliveira Galvão (eds), Regional hydrological impacts of climatic variability and change - impact assessment and decision making: proceedings of symposium s6 held during the 7th IAHS scientific assembly at Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil, April 2005, IAHS, no. 295, pp. 254-264.


The problem of flooding in Trinidad, and the Caribbean region, is a perennial one that results in infrastructure, economic and social damage. This paper uses GIS to examine the factors that may have played a part in flooding in the St Joseph Watershed on 5 November 2001. As a result a Flood Risk Assessment Map (FRAM) was developed. Data development included traversing and developing information layers for road, soil and vegetation. Additionally a Flood Depth and Extent Map for the Valsayn North Housing Development was developed and linked to population and losses due to the flood event of 5 November utilizing a questionnaire, field survey data and photographs. A comparison between the latter and the developed FRAM indicated that the FRAM, although basic, has managed to predict areas susceptible to flood risk correctly.