Nuclear test fallout signatures in sediments on the Brazilian coast

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Sanders, CJ, Patchineelam, SR, Machado, W, Albuquerque, ALS, Silva-Filho, EV, Caldeira, PP & Sanders, LM 2012, 'Nuclear test fallout signatures in sediments on the Brazilian coast ', Quimica Nova, vol. 6, pp. 1209-1212.

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The aim of this review is to take a look at Cold War era nuclear tests signatures found in Brazilian coastal sediments. Both 137Cs and 240+239Pu signatures have been documented in mangrove, coastal mudflats and continental shelf sediments, associated with above ground nuclear tests beginning in the 1950's. The dates associated to the anthropogenic radionuclide signatures 137Cs and 240+239Pu along sediment columns are confirmed by 210Pb geochronology in many of the studies highlighted in this review. The results outlined in this review characterize the extent to which nuclear fallout products reach the Brazilian coast in quantities sufficient for detection, allowing the use of these radioisotopes as geochronometers.

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