Synthesis of magnesite at low temperature

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Paola Alves dos Anjos, A, Sifeddine, A, Sanders, CJ & Patchineelam, SR 2011, 'Synthesis of magnesite at low temperature', Carbonates and Evaporates, vol. 26, no. 3, pp. 213-215.

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Magnesite formed at relatively low temperatures, 40°C, and atmospheric pressure using the experimental duplications is described in Deelman (1999). The original experiment itself is a variation of Liebermann’s (1967) experiments on dolomite formation. The initial products of the reaction were metastable carbonates, aragonite and dypingite which will change during the course of the experiment into magnesite. This work reports to have found evidence in support of an active role of alternations between precipitation and dissolution in bringing about a formation of the thermodynamically stable phase in the magnesite formation.

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