Morphological description of an unusual Amphidinium (Dinophysis) species

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Conference publication

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Cyronak, T & Tomas, C 2008, 'Morphological description of an unusual Amphidinium (Dinophysis) species', in O Moestrup, G Doucette, H Enevoldsen, A Godhe, G Hallegraeff, B Luckas, N Lundholm, J Lewis, K Rengefors, K Sellner, K Steidinger, P Tester & A Zingone (eds), Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on harmful Algae, Copenhagen, Denmark, 4-8 2006, ISSHA and IOC UNESCO, Copenhagen, Denmark, pp. 249-252. ISBN: 9788799082711

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Amphidinium carterae, an important harmful algal species that produces powerful antifungal and hemolytic compounds (amphidinols) and cytotoxic macrolides (amphidinolides) is ubiquitous in coastal waters. Samples from coral rubble contained an unusual and previously unreported Amphidinium (D2) with a circular outline. Genetic analysis of clone D2 of this species, involving the sequencing of large subunit (LSU) rDNA, revealed a relationship between Amphidinium sp. D2 and both A. carterae and A. massartii. However, morphological and genetic differences suggest that Amphidinium sp. D2 is not conspecific with A. carterae or A. massartii. Further studies to describe this species are presently underway.