Global water resources: where are the vulnerable?

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Sullivan, CA 2013, 'Global water resources: where are the vulnerable?', Globality Studies Journal, vol. 34.

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Global change today is more complex than ever before. Over the last 20 years, countries have faced the pervasive and sometimes destructive impact of globalization. Currently, the impacts of extreme climate variability are taking their toll. Perhaps this is climate change, but irrespective of the name, current climatic conditions are not being kind to people across the world. While the visual impacts of changing weather patterns can be seen everywhere, the hidden impacts are actually more dangerous. In particular, the impact of rising temperatures on the global water cycle is a ticking time bomb to which we must proactively respond. To address this, a multidimensional index-based assessment tool has been developed to identify those at risk from the impacts of climate change on water resources. This paper presents this “Climate Vulnerability Index,” and provides some insights on those populations most at risk.

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