Reading the chapter of extreme wave events in nearshore geo-bio-archives of Bonaire (Netherlands Antilles)–initial results from Lagun and Boka Bartol

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Engel, M, Bolten, A, Bruckner, H, Daut, G, Kelletat, D, Schabitz, F, Scheffers, A, Scheffers, SR, Vott, A, Wille, M & Willershauser, T 2010, 'Reading the chapter of extreme wave events in nearshore geo-bioarchives of Bonaire (Netherlands Antilles) – initial results from Lagun and Boka Bartol', Ergebnisse aktueller Küstenforschung, vol. 145, pp. 157-178.

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Sedimentary sequences reflecting significant environmental changes during Holocene times were encountered in the sediment archives of Lagun and Boka Bartol on the island of Bonaire (Netherlands Antilles). Interruption of back barrier lacustrine sedimentation identified in a sediment core on the landward floodplain of Lagun suggests repeated impact of high-energy waves. Altered accumulation patterns following the impact facies changing from lacustrine to mangrove peat at 3.65 m bs (= below surface) indicate sustained and ...

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