New correlations predict aqueous solubility and density of carbon dioxide

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Bahadori, A, Vuthaluru, HB & Mokhatab, S 2009, 'New correlations predict aqueous solubility and density of carbon dioxide', International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, vol. 3, no. 4, pp. 474-480.

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In this paper, new correlations for predicting density and the solubility of carbon dioxide in pure water as well as the aqueous sodium chloride solutions are developed, where using the generated interaction parameters, the solubility model is applied to correlate the carbon dioxide solubilities in aqueous solutions for temperatures between 300 and 400 K and pressures from 50 to 700 bar. The correlation developed for predicting density of carbon dioxide accurately works for pressures between 25 and 700 bar and temperatures between 293 and 433 K. The results have been compared with the reported data and it was found that there is a good agreement between the prediction results and observed values.

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