Analyzing solubility of acid gas and light alkanes in triethylene glycol

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Bahadori, A, Vuthaluru, HB & Mokhatab, S 2008, 'Analyzing solubility of acid gas and light alkanes in triethylene glycol', Journal of Natural Gas Chemistry, vol. 17, no. 1, pp. 51-58.

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Physical solvents such as ethylene glycol (EG), diethylene glycol (DEG), and triethylene glycol (TEG) are com- monly used in wet gas dehydration processes with TEG being the most popular due to ease of regeneration and low solvent losses. Unfortunately, TEG absorbs significantly more hydrocarbons and acid gases than EG or DEG. Quantifying this amount of absorption is therefore critical in order to minimize hydrocarbon losses or to optimize hydrocarbon recovery depending on the objective of the process. In this article, a new correlation that fully covers the operating ranges of TEG dehydration units is developed in order to determine the solubility of light alkanes and acid gases in TEG solvent. The influence of several parameters on hydrocarbon and acid gassolubility including temperature, pressure, and solvent content is also examined.

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