Cercartetus concinnus (Diprotodontia: Burramyidae)

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Harris, JM 2009, 'Cercartetus concinnus (Diprotodontia: Burramyidae)', Mammalian Species, vol. 831, pp. 1-11.

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Cercartetus concinnus (Gould, 1845) is a burramyid commonly called the western pygmy-possum. It is 1 of 4 species in the genus Cercartetus, which together with Burramys parvus form the marsupial family Burramyidae. C. concinnus is endemic to southern mainland Australia. Its habitat is heathlands, shrublands, and dry forests in semiarid zone areas and it feeds on a range of foods, particularly nectar and pollen. This species is notable for short-term hibernation and its role as a pollinator of plants. It is considered secure throughout most of its range except for southwestern New South Wales, where it is classified as endangered.