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Post-print of: Vanclay, JK & Nichols, JD 2007. 'A long and winding road: the regulation of private native forestry in New South Wales, Australia', Small-Scale Forestry, vol. 6, no. 2, pp. 111-113.

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This special issue of Small-Scale Forestry is concerned with private native forestry (PNF) in New South Wales (NSW), Australia. Private native forests comprise indigenous species in a semi-natural formation on privately owned land. Such forests are usually uneven-aged, and regenerated naturally rather than by sowing or planting. These forests are of major conservation and commercial importance in NSW, covering 8 M ha and comprising one-third of all native forest in the state (Thompson 2007). The management and harvesting of these forests is known as PNF, and has been the focus of public attention for several years, as the desirability and implications of regulating these activities has been debated.

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