Level 2 bridge inspection contracts: how to get what you really want!

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Lake, NJ, Kotze, PR & Rooke, AR 2012, 'XLevel 2 bridge inspection contracts: how to get what you really want!', 5th Australian Small Bridges Conference, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, 19-20 November, CommStrat Publications, Melbourne, Vic.


With the legislative requirements for asset management now in place and the difficulty of hiring people of sufficient skill level, jurisdictions are increasingly using third parties to conduct Level 2, condition based bridge inspections. The difficulty within Australia is that each state road authority has its own inspection manual and methodology. Many councils also have different variations on the general theme or none at all. The key challenge is creating tender documentation that is consistent with what you actually want and need as well as to be able to clearly understand what the tenderer is intending to deliver under the contract. Accurate understanding of your needs and accurate specifications are the key to achieving what you really want. This paper explores the nuances of bridge inspection contracts and specifications and also looks at council responsibilities and the impact of the contract documentation on fulfilling these responsibilities.