A novel correlation for estimation of hydrate forming condition of natural gases

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Bahadori, A & Vuthaluru, H 2009, 'A novel correlation for estimation of hydrate forming condition of natural gases', Journal of Energy Chemistry, vol. 18, no. 4, pp. 453-457.

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An inherent problem with natural gas production or transmission is the formation of gas hydrates, which can lead to safety hazards to production/transportation systems and to substantial economic risks. Therefore, an understanding of conditions where hydrates form is necessary to overcome hydrate related issues. Over the years, several models requiring more complicated and longer computations have been proposed for the prediction of hydrate formation conditions of natural gases. For these reasons, it is essential to develop a reliable and simple-to-use method for oil and gas practitioners. The purpose of this study is to formulate a novel empirical correlation for rapid estimation of hydrate formation condition of sweet natural gases. The developed correlation holds for wide range of temperatures (265–298 K), pressures (1200 to 40000 kPa) and molecular weights (16–29). New proposed correlation shows consistently accurate results across proposed pressure, temperature and molecular weight ranges. This consistency could not be matched by any of the widely accepted existing correlations within the investigated range. For all conditions, new correlation showed average absolute deviation to be less than 0.2% and provided much better results than the widely accepted existing correlations.

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