VLE calculations in multicomponent systems

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Bahadori, A 2007, 'VLE calculations in multicomponent systems', Chemical Engineering, vol. 114, no. 8, p. 47.

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In multicomponent systems, equation-of-state (EOS) methods generally do a good job of determining vapor-phase properties. But accurate determination of properties for the liquid phase is much more difficult, especially when the liquid contains dissimilar molecules, polar molecules such as alcohols and glycols, or acid gasses such as H2S and CO2. In this article, a multicomponent system that includes polar components is evaluated, and the results are compared with Soave-Redlich-Kwong (SRK) EOS and Non-Random Two Liquids (NRTL) model. The results of the proposed numerical approach have a good agreement with experimental data and have much better results for the liquid phase.