Compositional model improves gas-lift optimization for Iranian oil field

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Bahadori, A & Zeidani, K 2006, 'Compositional model improves gas-lift optimization for Iranian oil field', Oil & Gas Journal, vol. 105, no. 4.

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A simulation with a compositional model improved the accuracy when compared with a black-oil model for predicting the performance of gas-lift wells in the Aghajari oil field in Iran. The Marun oil field gas compressor station supplies the lift gas, which is drier and has a lower molecular weight than the gas from the Aghajari field separators. These differences in gas cause inconsistencies in black-oil model calculations. The black-oil method is fast but not accurate when one must take into account compositional differences. The study evaluated the gas-lift system with black oil and compositional models combined with multiphase flow correlations. The compositional modeling employs the Peng-Robinson equation of state (PR EOS) for rigorous thermodynamic and physical properties evaluation.

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