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Post-print of: Jay, VA, Nichols, JD & Vanclay, JK 2007, 'Social and ecological issues for private native forestry in north-eastern New South Wales, Australia', Small-Scale Forestry, vol. 6, no. 2, pp. 115-126.

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Forests in north-eastern New South Wales have often been the focus of controversy. The tension between production and preservation continues and hampers current negotiations for a code of practice for private native forestry. The structure of many private forests reflects past mismanagement and silvicultural intervention would benefit both conservation and production objectives, but such intervention is rarely financially viable. This paper sets out the economic and ecological basis for private native forestry. Both the timber industry and nature-based tourism are major contributors to the local economy, and both rely in part on private native forests. Draft regulations currently under negotiation do not offer incentives for improved private forest management.

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