Supercritical fluids and their applications in power generation

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Book chapter

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Huijuan, C, Vasquez padilla, R & Besarati, S 2017, 'Supercritical fluids and their applications in power generation', in L Chen & Y Iwamoto (eds), IGI Global, United States of America. ISBN: 9781522520474


Supercritical fluids have been studied and used as the working fluids in power generation system for both high- and low-grade heat conversions. Low-grade heat sources, typically defined as below 300 ºC, are abundantly available as industrial waste heat, solar thermal, and geothermal, to name a few. However, they are under-exploited for power conversion because of the low conversion efficiency. Technologies that allow the efficient conversion of low-grade heat into mechanical or electrical power are very important to develop. First part of this chapter investigates the potential of supercritical Rankine cycles in the conversion of low-grade heat to power, while the second part discusses supercritical fluids used in higher grade heat conversion system. The selection of supercritical working fluids for a supercritical Rankine cycle is of key importance. This chapter discusses supercritical fluids fundamentals, selection of supercritical working fluids for different heat sources, and the current research, development, and commercial status of supercritical power generation systems.