Effect of improved tracking for atomic force microscope on piezo nonlinear behavior

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Rana, MS, Pota, HR, Petersen, IR & Habibullah, H 2014, 'Effect of improved tracking for atomic force microscope on piezo nonlinear behavior', Asian Journal of Control, vol. 17, no. 3, pp. 747-761.

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Nanotechnology is an area of modern science which deals with the control of matter at dimensions of 100 nm or less. In recent years, of all the available microscopy techniques, atomic force microscopy (AFM) has proven to be extremely versatile as an investigative tool in this field. However the performance of AFM is significantly limited by the effects of hysteresis, creep, cross‐coupling, and vibration in its scanning unit, the piezoelectric tube scanner (PTS). This article presents the design and experimental implementation of a single‐input single‐output (SISO) model predictive control (MPC) scheme with a vibration compensator which is based on an identified model of the PTS. The proposed controller provides an AFM with the capability to achieve improved tracking and results in compensation of the nonlinear effects. The experimental results, which compare the tracking performances of the proposed controller for different reference signals, highlight the usefulness of the proposed control scheme.

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