Data driven controller design for positioning control of an AFM scanner

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Conference publication

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Gupta, TD, Habibullah, H, Pota, HR & Petersen, IR 2017, 'Data driven controller design for positioning control of an AFM scanner', IFAC-PapersOnLine : 20th IFAC World Congress, vol. 50, no. 1, pp. 10889-10894.

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In this paper, a data driven controller is designed for the positioning control of a piezoelectric tube scanner (PTS) used in an atomic force microscope (AFM). A single-input single-output (SISO) model-based data driven controller is synthesized by using a mixed negative imaginary (NI) and small gain (SG) approach. The controller is implemented on an AFM and gives significant damping and tracking performance, with 16.64 dB and 19.33 dB damping at the resonance frequency of the X and Y-axes of the PTS, respectively. Moreover, this type of controller design is an effective approach to give intuition about how the controller frequency response should, depending on the design constraints being applied, which ensures optimized performance in vibration control.