Review of Australia's humpback whale populations

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Bannister, J, Bravington, M, Burns, D, Burton, C, Double, M, Dunlop, R, Franklin, W, Gales, N, Harcourt, R, Harrison, P, Hodgson, A, Jenner, C, Kelly, N, McCauley, R, Noad, M, Peel, D, Paton, D, Rafic, M, Salgado-Kent, C, Smith, J & Thalmann, S 2008, 'Review of Australia's humpback whale populations', presented at the Meeting at the Sydney Harbour Institute of Marine Science, 17th & 18th April.


The purpose of this review was to assess the historic and current efforts to estimate trends and abundance of humpback whales on the east and west coast of Australia (breeding stocks D and E), and to develop recommendations of how to proceed with this work into the future.