Commercially important sea cucumbers of the world, Chinese translation version

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Purcell, SW, Samyn, Y & Conand, C 2017, 世界 重要 经济 海参 种类 (Commercially important sea cucumbers of the world), Chinese translation version, FAO Species Catalogue for Fishery Purposes No. 6, FAO, Rome. ISBN: 9789255067198.

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This guide book provides information on 60 species of commercial sea cucumbers including annotated scientific illustrations of the body and spicules; colour photographs of live and dry specimen, information on nomenclature together with FAO names and common names used in different countries and regions; basic information on size, habitat, biology, fisheries, human consumption, market value and trade; geographic distribution maps. The volume is fully indexed and contains an introduction, a glossary, and a dedicated bibliography.

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Please see http://epubs.scu.edu.au/esm_pubs/1546/ for English translation version of publication.