A review on the current status of boiler inspection and safety issues in Bangladesh

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Ali, S Md.& Habibullah, H in 2019, 'A review on the current status of boiler inspection and safety issues in Bangladesh', Energy Procedia, vol. 160, pp. 614-620.

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This paper presents an overview of boilers scenario, standard practice of inspection, registrations, and safety issues in Bangladesh. Boilers are one of the main driving powers in the industrial revolution in Bangladesh, for example, textile industries, pharmaceuticals industries, manufacturing industries, and food processing industries. The total number of registered in operation boilers in Bangladesh is 6071 (2017-18). The office of the chief inspector of boiler under the ministry of industries are the responsible government authority for the safe operation of boilers in the whole country. This brief will focus on the boiler uses, acts, rules, regulations, inspections, registration procedures, and the boiler inspectorate functions in Bangladesh. Additionally, the last five years data on boiler accidents and registrations in Bangladesh are briefly described in this paper.

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Conference paper presented to the 2nd International Conference on Energy and Power, ICEP2018, 13-15 December 2018, Sydney, Australia

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