Review of techniques to estimate catchment exports

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Letcher, RA, Jakeman, AJ, Merritt, WS, McKee, LJ, Eyre, BD & Baginska, B 1999, Review of techniques to estimate catchment exports: Technical report, Environmental Protection Authority, Sydney, NSW.


This Technical Report was commissioned by the NSW Environment Protection Authority as part of its National Pollutant Inventory (NPI) Program funded by Environment Australia. This Report focuses on the estimation of nutrient emissions from diffuse sources to waters. It consolidates a contemporary understanding of generic catchment water quality models and estimation techniques. A comprehensive listing of methods and estimation techniques is provided together with information to identify their relative merits. The aim of this review was to identify 'best practices' approaches for NPI assessments of aggregated catchment emissions to water but it is anticipated that it will also be relevant to a much broader audience.