Calculation of timber yields from North Queensland rainforests

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Preston, RA & Vanclay, JK 1998, Calculation of timber yields from North Queensland rainforests, Department of Forestry Queensland, Brisbane, Qld.


Calculation of timber yields from north Queensland rainforests indicate that the long term average yield is in the vicinity of 63 000 cubic metres per year, and that an allowable cut of 60 000 cubic metres per year should apply for the period 1986-1991. These calculations apply to the 158 000 hectares of Crown land managed for timber production between Townsville and the Daintree River. Estimates were prepared using cutting cycle analysis, and incorporated a number of innovations made possible by advances in computing technology. These included simulating the growth of individual plots rather than of stratum averages, and the use of a dynamic growth model which accommodated stand density, composition and site quality.