A stand growth model for cypress pine

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Book chapter

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Vanclay, JK 1988, 'A stand growth model for cypress pine', in JW Leech, RE McMurtie, PW West, RD Spencer & BM Spencer (eds), Modelling trees, stands and forests, University of Melbourne, School of Forestry, Melbourne, Vic., Bulletin no. 5, pp. 310-332.


A deterministic growth model for uneven-aged monospecific stands of cypress pine is presented. It is implemented as a cohort model and comprises equations to (1) predict stand basal area increment, (2) distribute stand increment among component trees, (3) estimate potential diameter increment to check for excessive distributed increments, (4) predict mortality, and (5) predict regeneration.

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"Proceedings of a workshop in August 1985 at the University of Melbourne. Organised by Research Working Group No. 2 (Mensuration and Management) of the Australian Forestry Council, Forestry Section, the University of Melbourne and CSIRO Division of Forest Research."