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Pre-print of Vanclay, JK 2010, 'Robust relationships for simple plantation growth models based on sparse data', Forest Ecology and Management, vol. 259, no. 5, pp. 1050-1054.

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Three equations predicting height H = β1(t − 0.5)0.5, diameter D = β2(H − 1.3)/ln N, and mortality dN/N = −2(G/Gmax)3dD/D from plantation age (t), stocking (N) and basal area (G) can be calibrated with few data (even a single observation) for plantations in which re-measured data and growth models are unavailable. Despite having only three parameters to be estimated, these equations extrapolate reliably and allow objective forecasts of future plantation growth performance that may serve as useful first approximations until more precise growth models can be developed.

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