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Saenger, P 1971, 'On the occurrence of Ophidocladus (Rhodomelaceae) in Southern Africa', South African Journal of Botany, vol. 37, pp. 291-304.

The abstract and pdf of the published article reproduced in ePublications@SCU with the permission of South African Journal of Botany


Collections of Ophidoc!adus (Rhodomelaceae) from Mo~arnbique and South Africa were studied and the relationship of tbis matcrial with the type species (0. simpliciltsculus (Crouan) Falkbg.) and other related taxa, is discussed in detail. Based on the vegetative and reproductivc uniformity, it is concluded that the material of Ophidoc!adus from Europe, Southern Africa, Western Australia, North and South America is best included in the type and only species. Hence O. calrJomica (Hollenberg) Kylin and O. helposiphollioides Joly et YamagLlishi are reduced to synonomy. A map showing the known distribution of Ophidoc!adus is given.

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