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Pre-print of: Yee, LH, Holmström, C, Fuary, ET, Lewin, NC, Kjelleberg, SJ & Steinberg, PD 2007, 'Inhibition of fouling by marine bacteria immobilised in κ-carrageenan beads', Biofouling, vol. 23, no. 4, pp. 287-294.

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Antifouling solutions that leave little or no impact in the world's oceans are constantly being sought. This study employed the immobilisation of the antifouling bacterium Pseudoalteromonas tunicata in κ-carrageenan to demonstrate how a surface may be protected from fouling by bacteria, i.e. a 'living paint'. Attempts so far to produce a 'living paint' have been limited in both longevity of effectiveness and demonstration of applicability, most noticeably regarding the lack of any field data. Here survival of bacteria immobilised in κ-carrageenan for 12 months in the laboratory is demonstrated and evidence presented for inhibition of fouling for up to 7 weeks in the field (Sydney Harbour, NSW, Australia). © 2007 Taylor & Francis.

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