Papers from 1989

Modelling selection harvesting in tropical rain forests, Jerome K. Vanclay

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Papers from 1988

Calculation of timber yields from North Queensland rainforests, Robert A. Preston and Jerome K. Vanclay


A stand growth model for cypress pine, Jerome K. Vanclay

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Papers from 1983

Compendium of volume equations for plantation species used by the Queensland Department of Forestry, Jerome K. Vanclay and P J. Shepherd


Papers from 1982

Optimum sampling of sample trees for volume equations, Jerome K. Vanclay


Stem form and volume of slash pine thinnings in south east Queensland, Jerome K. Vanclay


Volume to any utilization standard for plantation conifers in Queensland, Jerome K. Vanclay


Papers from 1980

Small tree stem volume equations for three plantation species, Jerome K. Vanclay