Papers from 2019


Administering faith: does the religious institution administering a school influence educational achievement?, Joseph Drew, Michael A. Kortt, and Alexandra Bec

2019 Journal of Sociology.


Australian passenger vehicle classification and distance‐based charging: current practices and the way forward, Suman Sen, Michael B. Charles, and Michael A. Kortt

2019 Economic Papers 38:1 1-14.


Demarketing an iconic national park experience: receptiveness of past,current and potential visitors to selected strategies, Betty Weiler, Brent D. Moyle, Pascal Scherrer, and Madeline Hill

2019 Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism 25 122-131.

Papers from 2016


Mental health and online, land-based and mixed gamblers, A Blaszczynski, Alex Russell, Sally M. Gainsbury, and Nerilee Hing

2016 Journal of Gambling Studies 32:1 261-275.


The impact of individual and organizational resources on nurse outcomes and intent to quit, Yvonne Brunetto, John Rodwell, Kate Shacklock, Rod Farr-Wharton, and Defne Demir

2016 Journal of Advanced Nursing 72:12 3093-3103.


Peas in a pod: are efficient municipalities also financially sustainable?, Joseph Drew, Brian Dollery, and Michael A. Kortt

2016 Australian Accounting Review 26:2 122-131.


Did the big stick work? an empirical assessment of scale economies and the Queensland forced amalgamation program, Joseph Drew, Michael A. Kortt, and Brian Dollery

2016 Local Government Studies 42:1 1-14.


Recasting leadership reform in Australian local government: a typology from political theory, Bligh Grant, Brian Dollery, and Michael Kortt

2016 Local Government Studies 42:6 1024-1046.


The “killer of the cane fields”: the social construction of the Australian coastal taipan, Kevin Markwell and Nancy Cushing

2016 Journal of Australian Studies 40:1 74-91.

Papers from 2015


Factors influencing the adoption of Enterprise Social Software in Australia, Nicky Antonius, Jun Xu, and Xiang Gao

2015 Knowledge-Based Systems 73 32-43.


Strategies for adopting consumer-generated media in small-sized to medium-sized tourism enterprises, Stephen Burgess, Carmine Sellitto, Carmen Cox, and Jeremy Buultjens

2015 International Journal of Tourism Research 17:5 432-441.


De-amalgamation in action: the Queensland experience, Simone V. de Souza, Brian E. Dollery, and Michael A. Kortt

2015 Public Management Review 17:10 1403-1424.


Post-crisis securities market supervision policies – standard finance versus behavioural finance, Phuong Duong, Jinghui Liu, and Ian Eddie

2015 2015 Proceedings of the International Conference on Advances in Economics, Social Science and Human Behaviour Study.


Ethical and sustainability dimensions of foodservice in Australian ecotourism businesses, David Fennell and Kevin Markwell

2015 Journal of Ecotourism 14:1 48-63.


Social media marketing and gambling: an interview study of gambling operators in Australia, Sally M. Gainsbury, Daniel L. King, Nerilee Hing, and Paul Delfabbro

2015 International Gambling Studies 15:3 377-393.


Sports bettors' responses to sports-embedded gambling promotions: implications for compulsive consumption, Nerilee Hing, Matthew James Lamont, Peter Vitartas, and Elian Fink

2015 Journal of Business Research 68:10 2057-2066.


Aviation planning policy in Australia: identifying frames of reference to support public decision making, Robbert Kivits and Michael B. Charles

2015 Journal of Air Transport Management 47 102-111.


Religion and life satisfaction down under, Michael A. Kortt, Brian Dollery, and Bligh Grant

2015 Journal of Happiness Studies 16:2 277-293.


From netnography to autonetnography in tourism studies, Muchazondida Mkono, Lisa Ruhanen, and Kevin Markwell

2015 Annals of Tourism Research 52 167-169.

An efficient design of a reversible fault tolerant n-to-2n sequence counter using nano meter MOS transistors, M Shamsujjoha, Sirin Nahar Sathi, Golam Sorwar, Fahmida Hossain, Nawab Yousuf Ali, and Hafiz H. Babu

2015 Advances in swarm and computational intelligence: 6th International Conference, ICSI 2015 held in conjunction with the Second BRICS Congress, CCI 2015.


Religion and life satisfaction: evidence from Germany, Elisabeth Sinnewe, Michael A. Kortt, and Brian Dollery

2015 Social Indicators Research 123:3 837-855.


Importance of workplace relationships and attitudes toward organizational change in engineering asset-management organizations, Matthew J. Xerri, Silvia A. Nelson, and Yvonne O. Brunetto

2015 Journal of Management in Engineering 31:5 641-655.

Papers from 2014


Exploiting innovation in Dubai SMEs: the effect of strategic orientation on organizational determinants, Yahya Al-Ansaari, Simon J. Pervan, and Jun Xu

2014 International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management 11:6.


A study of organizational determinants and innovation practices in Dubai SMEs, Yahya Al-Ansari, Jun Xu, and Simon J. Pervan

2014 International Journal of Innovation Management 18:1.


The impact of management on the engagement and well-being of high emotional labour employees, Yvonne O. Brunetto, Kate Shacklock, Stephen Teo, and Rod Farr-Wharton

2014 The International Journal of Human Resource Management 25:17 2345-2363.


Building a proactive engagement culture in asset management organizations, Yvonne O. Brunetto, Matthew J. Xerri, and Silvia A. Nelson

2014 Journal of Management in Engineering 30:4.

Examining organizational culture within professional engineering asset management firms: the competing values framework, Yvonne Brunetto, Matthew J. Xerri, and Silvia A. Nelson

2014 WCEAM 2012 Seventh World Congress on Engineering Asset Management 117-124.


Digital and connected: online communities and improved health outcomes for the regions, Jeremy Buultjens

2014 Digital Rural Futures Conference.

Elephants at Rome: provenance, use and fate, Michael B. Charles

2014 Athenaeum 102:1 25-46.

Unmanning an emperor: Otho in the literary tradition, Michael B. Charles and Eva Anagnostou-Laoutides

2014 The Classical Journal 109:2 199-222.


Australian stock indexes and the four-factor model, Bruce A. Costa, Keith Jakob, Scott J. Niblock, and Elisabeth Sinnewe

2014 Applied Finance Letters 3:1 10-21.

Ecotourism and its prospects in a wildlife-non-hunting-area of central Thailand: governance implications of tensions between national policies and local experiences, Subas P. Dhakal

2014 International Journal of Sustainability 9:2 13-28.


Community council cooperation: the Lake Macquarie City Council co-governance delegation model, Brain Dollery, Michael A. Kortt, and Lin Crase

2014 International Journal of Public Administration 37:11 747-755.


Enduring financial sustainability through “bottom-up” local authority ingenuity and rational “top-down” state regulation: the case of Lake Macquarie City Council, Brian Dollery, Michael A. Kortt, and Simone de Souza

2014 International Journal of Public Administration 37:4 215-223.

Fools rush in: the case against radical water and wastewater restructuring in regional New South Wales, Brian Dollery, Michael A. Kortt, and Bligh Grant

2014 International Journal of Public Administration 37:1 1-9.

Local co-governance and environmental sustainability in New South Wales local government: the Lake Macquarie City Council sustainable neighbourhoods program, Brian Dollery, Michael A. Kortt, and Sue O’Keefe

2014 Economic Papers: A journal of applied economics and policy 33:1 36-44.


Economies of scale and local government expenditure: evidence from Australia, Joseph Drew, Michael A. Kortt, and Brian Dollery

2014 Administration and Society 46:6 632-653.

Sales promotions in registered clubs: management and patron perspectives, Melanie Edelhoff, Phillip Grimes, and Gianpiero Battista

2014 Gambling Research 26:1 44-59.


The role of generational cohorts: comparing approaches to innovation using internal networks, Rodd Farr-Wharton, Ben Farr-Wharton, Yvonne O. Brunetto, and Ferruccio Bresolin

2014 International Journal of Innovation Management 18:4.


Trading with tigers: a technical analysis of Southeast Asian stock index futures, Panha Heng and Scott J. Niblock

2014 International Economic Journal 28:4 679-692.


Rise of the 'tiger club' economies: an empirical investigation of Southeast Asian stock market efficiency, P Heng and Scott J. Niblock

2014 International Journal of Economics and Business Research 8:4 474-489.

Research handbook on the globalization of Chinese firms, Craig C. Julian, Zafar U. Ahmed, and Junqian Xu



The market orientation-performance relationship: the empirical link in export ventures, Craig C. Julian, Osman Mohamad, Zafar U. Ahmed, and S Sefnedi

2014 Thunderbird International Business Review 56:1 97-110.

The empirical link between innovation, learning and performance in Chinese international joint ventures, Craig C. Julian and Junqian Xu

2014 Research handbook on the globalization of Chinese firms 216-238.

A composite theory of leadership and management: process catalyst and strategic leveraging theory of deliberate action in collaborative networks, Robyn L. Keast and Myrna P. Mandell

2014 Network theory in the public sector: building new theoretical frameworks 33-50.

Network theory in the public sector: building new theoretical frameworks, Robyn L. Keast, Myrna P. Mandell, and Robert Agranoff



International developments in skills migration: a case study of the opportunities, threats and dilemmas for Australia, Peter Kell, Roslyn Cameron, Deborah Joyce, and Michelle Wallace

2014 Workforce Development 37-55.


Religion and BMI in Australia, Michael A. Kortt and Brian Dollery

2014 Journal of Religion and Health 53:1 217-228.


Building the education revolution: another case of Australian Government failure?, Chris Lewsi, Brian Dollery, and Michael A. Kortt

2014 International Journal of Public Administration 37:5 299-307.


Asset management policies and guidelines of different states in Australia: a comparative analysis, M N. Mahmood, Subas P. Dhakal, Kerry A. Brown, Robyn L. Keast, and Anna Wiewiora

2014 Journal of Facilities Management 12:3 286-302.


The state of multi-purpose cyclone shelters in Bangladesh, Muhammad Nateque Mahmood, Subas P. Dhakal, and Robyn L. Keast

2014 Facilities 32:9/10 522-532.


Poverty alleviation through pro-poor tourism: the role of Botswana forest reserves, Farai Manwa and Haretsebe Manwa

2014 Sustainability 6:9 5697-5713.


Introductory programming courses in Australia and New Zealand in 2013: trends and reasons, Raina Mason and Graham Cooper

2014 Proceedings of the Sixteenth Australasian Computing Education Conference (ACE2014) 139-147.


The policy delphi method: contribution to policy and strategy within energy organisations: a 2013 Malaysian case study with global implications, Mary McGeoch, Yvonne O. Brunetto, and Kerry A. Brown

2014 Quality & Quantity 48:6 3195-3208.


Regional stock markets and the economic development of Southeast Asia, Scott J. Niblock, Panha Heng, and Keith Sloan

2014 Asian-Pacific Economic Literature 28:1 47-59.

Development of the regulatory framework of securities market supervision post-GFC, Duong Phuong, Jinghui Liu, and Ian Eddie

2014 Globalization of financial institutions.


Abusive supervision and links to nurse intentions to quit, John Rodwell, Yvonne Brunetto, Defne Demir, Kate Shacklock, and Rod Farr-Wharton

2014 Journal of Nursing Scholarship 46:5 357-365.


Career paths: challenges and opportunities, Neroli Sheldon and Michelle Wallace

2014 Workforce Development 57-74.


Mass media social marketing campaigns: a practitioners perspective, Patrick van Esch, Darejan Tsartsidze, and Linda Jean van Esch

2014 International Journal of Marketing Studies 6:5 40-51.


Attracting and retaining staff: the role of branding and industry image, Michelle Wallace, Ian Lings, Roslyn Cameron, and Neroli Sheldon

2014 Workforce Development 19-36.


Women and engineering: a workforce development issue, Michelle Wallace and Neroli Sheldon

2014 Workforce Development 113-129.

Exploring the effects of personal carbon trading (PCT) system on carbon emission and Health Issues: a preliminary study on the Norfolk Island, Gary Webb, Alex Hendry, Bruce Armstrong, Robyn McDermott, Boyd Swinburn, and Garry Egger

2014 The International Technology Management Review 4:1 1-11.


Coordination practices in Federal Government: the case of integration policy in Austria, Natalie Wojtarowicz and David M. Herold

2014 Journal of Economic and Social Policy 16:2.

Managing digital enterprise: ten essential topics, Jun Xu



A research model of consumers’ adoption and continued use of the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR) system, Jun Xu, Xiang Gao, and Golam Sorwar

2014 International Technology Management Review 4:4 187-200.

Transportation costs as a barrier to globalization for nine Asian countries including China, Jun Xu and Craig C. Julian

2014 Research handbook on the globalization of Chinese firms 22-42.

Papers from 2013


Technology orientation, innovation and business performance: a study of Dubai SMEs, Yahya Al-Ansari, Marwan Altalib, and Muna Sardoh

2013 The International Technology Management Review 3:1 1-11.


Innovation and business performance of SMEs: the case of Dubai, Yahya Al-Ansari, Simon J. Pervan, and Jun Xu

2013 Education, Business and Society: Contemporary Middle Eastern Issues 6:3-4 162-180.


Cultural safety circles and indigenous people's perspectives: inclusive practices for participation in higher education, Johnnie Aseron, S Neyooxet Greymorning, Adrian Miller, and Simon J. Wilde

2013 Contemporary Issues in Education Research 6:4 409-416.

Indigenous student participation in higher education: emergent themes and linkages, Johnnie Aseron, Simon J. Wilde, Adrian Miller, and Stephen J. Kelly

2013 Contemporary Issues in Education Research 6:4 417-424.


Spontaneous volunteering during natural disasters, Jo Barraket, Robyn L. Keast, Cameron Newton, Kristy Walters, and Emily James



How does ecommerce help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art centre marketing engage with the future?, Iris Bendor, Tania von der Heidt, and Tim Acker

2013 ANZMAC 2013 Conference Proceedings.


The empirical link between relationship marketing tools and consumer retention in retail marketing, Jamil Boejei, Craig C. Julian, Che ABC Wel, and Zafar U. Ahamed

2013 Journal of Consumer Behaviour 12:3 171-181.


Stigmatized labour: an overlooked service worker's stress, Liliana L. Bove and Simon J. Pervan

2013 Australasian Marketing Journal 21:4 259-263.


Expectations identity and affordability: the housing dreams of Australia's Generation Y, Melanie Bruce and Stephen J. Kelly

2013 Housing, Theory and Society 30:4 416-432.


The importance of supervisor–nurse relationships, teamwork, wellbeing, affective commitment and retention of North American nurses, Yvonne O. Brunetto, Art Shriberg, Rod Farr-Wharton, Kate Shacklock, Stefanie Newman, and Joy Dienger

2013 Journal of Nursing Management 21:6 827-837.


Retention, burnout and the future of nursing, Yvonne O. Brunetto and Stephen Teo

2013 Journal of Advanced Nursing 69:12 2772-2773.


The impact of workplace relationships on engagement, well-being, commitment and turnover for nurses in Australia and the USA, Yvonne O. Brunetto, Matthew J. Xerri, Art Shriberg, Rod Farr-Wharton, Kate Shacklock, Stepfanie Newman, and Joy Dienger

2013 Journal of Advanced Nursing 69:12 2786-2799.


Hosts guests and a drug culture in a destination: a case study of Nimbin Australia, Jeremy Buultjens, Kate Neale, and Matthew James Lamont

2013 Journal of Destination Marketing & Management 2:3 185-195.

Ecotourism and Indigenous peoples, Jeremy Buultjens, Amanda Shoebridge, and Nadine E. White

2013 International handbook on ecotourism.


Keeping ignorance and extremism out of public schools: the role of teachers and their unions, Cathy Byrne

2013 ABC Religion & Ethics.


The use of temporary skilled migration in Australian organisations, Roslyn Cameron and Jennifer L. Harrison

2013 International Journal of Organizational Analysis 21:2 104-123.

Onshore skilled migrant engineers: skills wastage and atrophy, Roslyn Cameron, Deborah Joyce, Michelle Wallace, and Peter Kell

2013 Australian Bulletin of Labour 39:1 88-111.

Student concerns in introductory programming courses, Angela Carbone, Jason Ceddia, Simon, Daryl D'Souza, and Raina Mason

2013 Proceedings Fifteenth Australasian Computing Education Conference (ACE2013) 136 41-50.

Africa- EU partnership on energy, Michael B. Charles and Benjamin Mwanzia Mulili

2013 Africa and the European Union: a strategic partnership 171-194.


Accounting for changed accounting: a translation view, Mark Christensen and Sebastien Rocher

2013 The 7th Asia Pacific Interdisciplinary Research in Accounting Conference.


Pseudonymity and anonymity in identity management: can anonymous credentials enhance user participation in electronic health records, George M. Coles and William J. Smart



Enhancing participation in personally controlled electronic health records, George Coles, William Smart, and Bruce Armstrong

2013 The International Technology Management Review 3:4 237-250.

Ambulatory boundaries in New South Wales: real lines in the sand, John R. Corkill

2013 Property Law Review 3:2 67-84.


Climate change adaption and disaster risk reduction strategies in Bangladesh, Subas P. Dhakal

2013 Proceedings of the People and the planet: transforming the future conference.

The innovation potential of living-labs to strengthen small and medium enterprises in regional Australia, Subas P. Dhakal, Muhammad Nateque Mahmood, Anna Wiewiora, Kerry A. Brown, and Robyn L. Keast

2013 Australasian Journal of Regional Studies 19:3 456-474.

Options for rationalizing local government structure: a policy agenda, B Dollery, Michael A. Kortt, and B Grant

2013 The challenge of local government size: theoretical perspectives, international experience and policy reform 242-262.

Funding the future: financial sustainability and infrastructure finance in Australian local government, Brian E. Dollery, Michael A. Kortt, and Bligh J. Grant


An evaluation of amalgamation and financial viability in Australian local government, Brian Dollery, Bligh Grant, and Michael A. Kortt

2013 Public Finance and Management 13:3 215-238.

Airport enclaves: bridging boundary tensions between airport and cities, Tim Donnet and Robyn L. Keast

2013 Crossing boundaries in public management and policy 280-294.


A cautionary tale: council amalgamation in Tasmania and the deloitte access economics report, Joseph Drew, Michael A. Kortt, and Brian Dollery

2013 Australian Journal of Public Administration 72:1 55-65.


Current status, challenges, and outlook of e-health record systems in China, Xiang Gao, Jun Xu, Golam Sorwar, and Peter R. Croll

2013 Foundations and applications of intelligent systems: proceedings of the seventh international conference on intelligent systems and knowledge engineering 767-777.


Implementation of E-Health record systems and E-Medical record systems in China, Xiang Gao, Jun Xu, Golam Sorwar, and Peter R. Croll

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Synergy in HR and strategies, a contemporary need for the Pakistan pharmaceutical industry, Ehtasham Ghauri and Don McMurray

2013 Australian Journal of Business and Management Research 3:9 46-55.


Influences on attitudes to a personal carbon trading system, Alex Hendry, Bruce Armstrong, William Smart, and Gary Webb

2013 Proceedings of the 24th Australasian Conference on Information Systems.