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Post-print of: Hase, S & Davis, L 1999, 'Developing capable employees: the work activity briefing', Journal of Workplace Learning, vol. 11, no. 8, pp. 298-303.

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One of the more interesting features of modern human resource development and management is that despite all the evidence that supports “person centred” approaches to these activities the most persistent model applied is based on control. One explanation for this is that the problem is not one of not knowing the theory or the facts since they are common knowledge, rather the problem is that of attitudes. This paper outlines this problem and describes an approach to workplace learning that has been used in the construction industry as an example of how to apply modern ideas of human resource development and management in a simple but very effective way. The outcomes being not only a much more effective workforce but also enlightened managers who make the paradigm shift when they experience the benefits.

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