Effective implementation of online learning: a case study of the Queensland mining industry

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Newton, D, Hase, S & Ellis, A 2002, 'Effective implementation of online learning: a case study of the Queensland mining industry', Journal of Workplace Learning, vol. 14, no. 4, pp. 156-165.

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This study identified the factors that are important in the effective implementation of online learning in the mining industry in Queensland, Australia. Two sources of data and a Grounded Theory approach were used to develop a theoretical model that would inform managers, trainers and educators considering online learning implementation. The first source of data was key stakeholders in the Queensland mining industry, which had yet to implement online learning in any systematic way. The second source was literature case studies of other industries that had reported experiences of implementing online learning that were compared with the field case study. Six major factors were identified from this analysis as important for effective online learning implementation: external influences; organizational culture; organizational structures; training environment; learners’ needs and the online learning environment. Implications for further research and the implementation of online learning in other industries are also discussed.

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