Reflections on developing an offshore, action research/learning-based Ph.D. program

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Sankaran, S, Hase, S, Dick, B & Davies, AT 2006, 'Reflections on developing an offshore, action research/learning-based Ph.D. program', Action Learning: Research and Practice, vol. 3, no. 2, pp. 197-211.

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In this paper, the authors describe their experience of establishing an action research/learning-based doctoral program in Singapore by an Australian university, which was designed to help managers get academic accreditation while solving workplace problems. The program was designed by four managers working in Singapore and their supervisors. These managers had completed a Ph.D. program using action learning/action research in their workplace under the supervision of Australian academics. The paper describes the various challenges faced by the candidates, supervisors and administrators in developing and implementing the new program.

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