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Post-print of Gribble, LC & Miller, P 2009, 'Identifying the psychological constructs underpinning the effects of retrenchment', Australasian Journal of Business and Social Inquiry, vol. 7, no. 2, pp. 36-52.

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Purpose of the research/paper : This paper seeks to identify the underlying psychological constructs underpinning the effects of retrenchment. It moved beyond describing what is felt by the retrenchee to how those feeling occur. Methodology: Utilising an ex post facto design, this research employs a mixed methodology, comprising a quantitative survey informed by thematic analysis of qualitative data and interviews. Principle components analysis creates the constructs and these are further explored by profile analysis giving insight to the behaviour of a known and defined group. Findings: The psychological constructs underpinning the effects of retrenchment are identified and discussed in depth showing that four constructs concern over uncertainty, pressure to find a new job, loss of self-concept and attachment to the former organisation exist. All retrenchees, regardless of who they feel about being retrenched experienced these constructs negatively. Implications for practice: This is the first research to look beyond describing effects of retrenchment into the deeper issues that may be addressed by professional assisting retrenchees and by the retrenchee themselves. Value of the paper: This paper is suitable for academics, practitioners of outplacement, managers and consultant who wish to better inform their practice. It seeks to move beyond the qualitative descriptive data to more generalisable findings that can assist the retrenchee and any person who deals with retrenchment.

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