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Pervan, SJ & Johnson, LW 2002, 'Reciprocity as a virtue in relationship marketing', in RN Shaw, S Adam & H McDonald (eds), Interactive Marketing: Proceedings of the Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC) Conference, Melbourne, Vic., 1-5 December, Deakin University Press, Melbourne, Vic. pp. 2461-2468.


This paper examines the of role reciprocity, as a virtue of human behaviour, in relationships in marketing. We propose that it both drives and is reliant on marketing relationships. This is because its maxims lead to the attainment of certain primary goods, expectation, self-concept, and equilibrium. Primary goods are those traits necessary for rational agents to acquire to act productively in social exchange. They both create, and are obtained within, a stable exchange environment. We argue that the pursuit of these primary goods through reciprocity both creates and helps to maintain marketing relationships. This has implications for key relational constructs, with expectation a surrogate for trust and self-concept and equilibrium additional antecedents to commitment.