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Post-print of: Miller, P & Yu, HC 2003, 'Organisational values and generational values: a cross cultural study', Australasian Journal of Business and Social Enquiry, vol.1, no.3, pp.138-153.


Value statements are a relatively recent addition to the corporate public face of many organisations and are made to clearly articulate the fundamental beliefs of the leaders and members of the organisation. However, the individual values of employees of organisations are rarely uniformly shared and congruence with the organisation's espoused values is problematic at best. To complicate further the values issue in organisations, Western researchers conclude that generational groups of employees have different work values. The objective of this study is to investigate if Western research, concerning values, applies equally to generational groups in Taiwan’s workplaces, specifically in the higher education sector and manufacturing industry. The research found that generational groups in the manufacturing industry have different work values, while there were no differences in work values for generational groups in the education sector.

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