Reflections on discriminant validity: reexamining the Bove et al. (2009) findings

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Shiu, E, Pervan, SJ, Bove, LL & Beatty, SE 2011, 'Reflections on discriminant validity: reexamining the Bove et al. (2009) findings', Journal of Business Research, vol. 64, no. 5, pp. 497-500.

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Bove, Pervan, Beatty and Shiu (2009) develop and test a latent variable model of the role of service workers in encouraging helpful behaviors by customers towards the service business (OCBs). Farrell (2010) questions these findings due to an incorrect application of the Fornell and Larcker (1981) discriminant validity test. The authors respond to Farrell's criticism by discussing the options available for assessing discriminant validity, the current use of these options in top journals, the underlying assumptions of these assessments, and the appropriateness of the alternative assessments under different types of situations. Finally, the authors address the specific concerns raised in Farrell (2010) in regard to Bove et al. (2009).

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