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Post-print of: Wheelahan, L, Miller, P., Newton, D, Dennis, N, Firth, J., Pascoe, S & Veenker, P 2003, Recognition of Prior Learning: policy and practice in Australia, report to Australian Qualifications Framework Advisory Board.


Report summary: One of the key objectives of the Australian Qualifications Framework Advisory Board is to facilitate pathways to formal qualifications that are based on, or include, prior learning that has occurred outside formal education and training. Learning occurs in many contexts that include work, involvement in social, community or sporting activities, or learning through life experience generally. Much of this informal or non-formal learning is relevant to the learning or competency outcomes of formal qualifications within the Australian Qualifications Framework. Recognition of prior learning is a process designed to assess (or credential) that learning so that it can be counted towards achievement of a qualification. The AQF Advisory Board commissioned this project to identify obstacles to the implementation of RPL, and to identify mechanisms that facilitate increased use of RPL. In preparing the project brief, the AQF Advisory Board aimed to, through the project: • facilitate and increase the use of RPL as a pathway towards the partial or complete achievement of a qualification; • improve access to learning pathways, particularly for students from social backgrounds that are under-represented in post-compulsory education and training; • promote lifelong learning; and, • increase the consistency in the way in which RPL is applied in each of the four sectors of post-compulsory education and training.