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Polum. N & Wallace, M 2009, 'Executive development: learning from effective practices in the Papua New Guinea public service', Sustainable management and marketing: Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM) conference, Melbourne, Vic., 1-4 December, Promaco, Conventions Pty Ltd, Canning Bridge, WA.


Human resource development is vital to the capacity building of developing nations, and the development of an effective Public Service (PS) is one of the key building blocks for nationhood. The Papua New Guinea Public Service (PNGPS) has undertaken a number of activities that focus on ED. This paper reports on research undertaken into the nature and effectiveness of such Executive Development (ED) interventions. In-depth interviews were conducted with the most senior executives in the PNGPS to gauge their views of ED in their respective organizations. This study is the first of its kind. The paper focuses on the effective practices that are used to contribute to ED and makes suggestions for further improvements.

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