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Miller P & Sankaran, G (eds) 2007, Exemplary practitioner research in management : ten studies from Southern Cross University's DBA program, Southern Cross University Press, Lismore, NSW. ISBN: 9781875855674

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These studies cover a range of research methodologies, from quantitative to grounded theory and action research, and are set in diverse fields and industries, therefore they can serve as models in a variety of contexts. Each study is accompanied by the researcher’s retrospective and supervisor’s comments to enhance understanding of the strengths, challenges and limitations involved in empirical research. Southern Cross University’s DBA program is one of the largest and most successful in the Asia-Pacific region, widely acknowledged for the rigour and quality of its research and for its relevance to modern business practice in a globally competitive environment. Exemplary Practitioner Research in Management reflects this excellence and will appeal to practitioners and researchers in the Asia-Pacific region seeking to improve business and professional practice.