Customer management strategies using internet commerce in the Australian energy industry

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Maher, P, Steane, P & Dufour, Y 2007, 'Customer management strategies using internet commerce in the Australian energy industry', International Journal of Internet and Enterprise Management , vol. 5, no. 2, pp. 116-135.

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The application and performance of Internet Commerce (IC) strategy has become a critical success factor in an industry characterised by volatile change and transformational upheaval. This article presents research examining how IC has been applied in Australian electricity utilities from a retail perspective. The industry's transformation from government regulation to full retail contestability means that retailers need to reassess the way they position themselves in the market and determine how best to interact with their environment. The article reports how Australian electricity retailers have utilised IC to strengthen their relationship with their customers and proactively respond to customer expectations in the provision of more information, greater interactivity and increased access to information in a timely manner and suggests further enhancements.

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