The gentle juggernaut: the amazing power of leaning in influencing others

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Pace, RW, Miller, P & Stephen, E 2008, Gentle juggernaut: the amazing power of leaning in influencing others, Eloquent Books, New York. ISBN: 9781606932568


Find out the easiest, most positive, most useful, and most effective way to get people to act on an idea in The Gentle Juggernaut: The Amazing Power of Leaning in Influencing Others. Have You Ever Been “Leaned” On? “Leaning” is a powerful way to influence others because it is sunny, cheerful, free, and easy to use. Learn to influence others without being manipulative and devious through eight specialized approaches: giving something up front, knocking often, exuding civility, elevating aspirations, maintaining harmony, going for a just noticeable difference, letting their lights shine, and radiating confidence. The Gentle Juggernaut helps you to influence people to do good work. The approaches are particularly useful for business leaders, managers, and supervisors, government workers and officials, teachers, club officers, college and city officials, salespeople, secretaries, retirees, and parents. The most exciting thing is that these subtle but powerful approaches and ideas can be equally useful at work, home, and in one’s personal life!