Papers from 2019


Accumulating minerals and dispossessing Indigenous Australians: native title recognition as settler‐colonialism, Catherine Howlett and Rebecca Lawrence

2019 Antipode 51:3 818-837.

Intersectionality and Indigenous peoples in Australia: experiences with engagement in native title and mining, Natalie Osborne, Catherine Howlett, and Deanna Grant-Smith

2019 Palgrave handbook of intersectionality in public policy 389-412.


Men of Yulgilbar, Rod Williams

2019 ABC North Coast Radio.

Papers from 2018


Ambulatory care sensitive chronic conditions: what can we learn from patients about the role of primary health care in preventing admissions?, Jo M. Longman, Elizabeth Rix, Jennifer J. Johnston, and Megan E. Passey

2018 Australian Journal of Primary Health 24 304-310.


The Closing the Gap (CTG) refresh: should Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture be incorporated in the CTG framework? How?, Carmen Parter, Shawn Wilson, and Donna L. Hartz

2018 Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health.


Suicide /self-harm-risk reducing effects of an Aboriginal art program for Aboriginal prisoners, Michael K. Rasmussen, Deborah A. Donoghue, and Norm Sheehan

2018 Advances in Mental Health 16:2 141-151.


Indigenist and decolonizing research methodology, Elizabeth F. Rix, Shawn Wilson, Norm Sheehan, and Nicole Tujague

2018 Handbook of research methods in health social sciences 253-267.

Papers from 2017


Lessons from the participants in decolonising research, Stuart Barlo

2017 Learning Communities:22 16-25.


Diversity in eMental Health Practice: an exploratory qualitative study of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander service providers, Jennifer Bird, Darlene Rotumah, James Bennett-Levy, and Judy Singer

2017 JMIR Mental Health 4:2.


Ontological openness on the Lurujarri Dreaming Trail: a methodology for decolonising research, Nia Emmanouil

2017 Learning Communities: International Journal of Learning in Social Contexts 22.


The friction of fracking: discursive constraints on Aboriginal participation in coal seam gas in Northern NSW, Catherine Howlett and Lana Dee Hartwig

2017 The Extractive Industries and Society 4:2 329-336.


Maternity services for rural and remote Australia: barriers to operationalising national policy, Jo Longman, Jude Kornelsen, Jen Pilcher, Sue Kildea, Sue Kruske, Stefan Grzybowski, Sarah Robin, Margaret Rolfe, Deborah A. Donoghue, Geoffrey G. Morgan, and Lesley Barclay

2017 Health Policy 121:11 1161-1168.

Papers from 2016


Reconceptualising risk: perceptions of risk in rural and remote maternity service planning, Lesley Barclay, Jude Kornelsen, Jo Longman, Sarah Robin, Sue Kruske, Sue Kildea, Jennifer Pilcher, Tanya Martin, Stefan Grzybowski, Deborah Donoghue, Margaret Rolfe, and Geoff Morgan

2016 Midwifery 38 63-70.

Dignity of Australian Aboriginal men, Stuart Barlo

2016 .


Improving knowledge and behaviours related to the cause, transmission and prevention of Tuberculosis and early case detection: a descriptive study of community led Tuberculosis program in Flores, Indonesia, Christa Dewi, Lesley Barclay, Megan Passey, and Shawn Wilson

2016 BMC Public Health 16.


An asset-based intervention with Tuberculosis groups in rural Indonesia villages: overview and lessons learned, Christa Dewi, Lesley Barclay, Shawn Wilson, and Megan Passey

2016 Community Development Journal.

The friction of fracking: coal seam gas development and Indigenous peoples in Northern NSW, Catherine Howlett

2016 Institute of Australian Geographers conference.

Who is monitoring corporate compliance in the mining sector?, Catherine Howlett

2016 Consultations, Indigenous peoples and business conference.


Good CoPs and bad CoPs: facilitating reform in first-year assessment via a Community of Practice, Catherine Howlett, Michael J. Arthur, and Jo-Anne Ferreira

2016 Higher Education Research and Development 35:4 741-754.


Teaching sustainable development in higher education: building critical, reflective thinkers through an interdisciplinary approach, Catherine Howlett, Jo-Anne Ferreira, and Jessica Bloomfield

2016 International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education 17:3 305-321.


Acceptability of mental health apps for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians: a qualitative study, Josie Povey, Patj Patji Janama Robert Mills, Kylie M. Dingwall, Anne Lowell, Judy Singer, Darlene Rotumah, and James Bennett-Levy

2016 Journal of Medical Internet Research 18:3.

Building cultural bridges and two-way understanding: working with Australian Aboriginal people within mainstream renal services, Elizabeth F. Rix, Charles Moran, Russell Kapeen, and Shawn Wilson

2016 Renal Society of Australasia 12:1 12-17.

R u appy? An opportunity for health professionals to try out Aboriginal-specific e-social and emotional wellbeing apps, Darlene Rotumah, James Bennett-Levy, Judy Singer, Wendy Douglas, Michelle Sweet, and Kylie Dingwall

2016 NSW Aboriginal Mental Health and Wellbeing Workfoce Forum 2016: Celebrating Success.

Creating peer supervision groups to support the development of e-social and emotional skills on the North Coast of NSW, Darlene Rotumah, G O'Neill, J Bennett-Levy, and J Singer

2016 Creating futures conference.


Were u appy? Culturally sensitive skill based supervision, Darlene Rotumah, Judy Singer, and J Bird

2016 NSW Aboriginal mental health and wellbeing workfoce forum 2016: celebrating success.


Decolonizing methodologies: can relational research be a basis for renewed relationships?, Shawn Wilson and Monica E. Mulrennan

2016 Living knowledge community of practice, Concordia University.

Working with aboriginal communities to improve rural health, S Wilson, Darlene Rotumah, and E Walker

2016 2016 NSW Rural Health & Research Congress.

Papers from 2015

Ceremony at a boundary fire: a story of Indigenist knowledge, Dawn Hill Adams, Shawn Wilson, Ryan Heavy Head, and Edmund W. Gordon



Adam Goodes, dignity and Aboriginal men: what the research says, Stuart Barlo

2015 The Conversation.

Healing Aboriginal men, Stuart Barlo

2015 Indigenous Men's Conference 2015.

Men more than a door mat, Stuart Barlo

2015 We Can Be Heroes Men's Conference, Lismore, NSW, June.


Yarning is more than just a research method, Stuart Barlo

2015 Research in Science, Engineering and Environment (RISE) conference.

Yarning - more than just data collection method, Stuart Barlo



Spontaneous self-practice of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) by Aboriginal counsellors during and following CBT training: a retrospective analysis of facilitating conditions and impact, James Bennett-Levy, Shawn Wilson, Jeff Nelson, Darlene Rotumah, Kelleigh Ryan, Wayne Budden, Janelle Stirling, and Dean Beale

2015 Australian Psychologist 50:5 329-334.

Encouraging the use of education for sustainability pedagogies in environmental science courses, J Ferreira, Catherine Howlett, and V Keliher

2015 8th World Environmental Education Congress: planet and people.


Admissions for chronic ambulatory care sensitive conditions: a useful measure of potentially preventable admission?, Jo M. Longman, Megan E. Passey, Dan P. Ewald, Elizabeth F. Rix, and Geoffrey G. Morgan

2015 BMC Health Services Research 15.


ARBI Toolkit: A resource for planning maternity services in rural and remote Australia, Jo Longman, Jennifer Pilcher, Geoff Morgan, Margaret Rolfe, Deborah A. Donoghue, Sue Kildea, Sue Kruske, Stefan Grzybowski, Jude Kornelsen, Jeremy Oats, and Lesley Barclay



Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health practitioners propose alternative clinical supervision models, Jeffrey R. Nelson, James Bennett-Levy, Shawn Wilson, Kelleigh Ryan, Darlene Rotumah, Wayne Budden, Dean Beale, and Janelle Stirling

2015 International Journal of Mental Health 44:1-2 33-45.

Mining towns or towns with mining?: considering community, place and collective identities in pre-mining transitions, Natalie Osborne, Catherine Howlett, and Monica Seini

2015 Institute of Australian Geographers Conference.

Avoiding the costly crisis: synthesizing evidence from Aboriginal haemodialysis patients and their service providers to inform delivery of renal services in rural NSW to Aboriginal people, Elizabeth F. Rix

2015 2015 Mid North Coast Research Conference: The future of health is in your hands: research driving better outcomes.

Can a white Aussie woman get it?: using an indigenist paradigm to inform culturally sensitive mainstream renal services for Aboriginal peoples in rural Australia, Elizabeth F. Rix

2015 American Indigenous Research Association: 2015 Meeting.


The perspectives of Aboriginal patients and their health care providers on improving the quality of hemodialysis services: a qualitative study, Elizabeth F. Rix, Lesley Barclay, Janelle Stirling, Allison Tong, and Shawn Wilson

2015 Hemodialysis International 80-89.


“You didn’t just consult community, you involved us”: transformation of a ‘top-down’ Aboriginal mental health project into a ‘bottom-up’ community-driven process, Judy Singer, James Bennett-Levy, and Darlene Rotumah

2015 Australasian Psychiatry 23:6.


Media Constructions of Aboriginality: implications for engagement with coal seam gas development in Australia, Chanelle Wheeler-Jones, Catherine Howlett, Monica Seini, and Georgette Leah Burns

2015 Australian Geographer 46:2 165-181.

Government policy for indigenous economic development workshop, Rod Williams

2015 Indigenous Accounting and Business Conference.


Conducting a research ceremony, or how to catch fish, Shawn Wilson



Implementing the Indigenous paradigm in the research proposal, Shawn Wilson

2015 The 2015 meeting of the American Indigenous Research Association.

Writing up Indigenist research, Shawn Wilson

2015 Indigenous Reading Group, Pacific Lutheran University.


Is it Indigenist research or participatory action research? critical reflections on implementing paradigm into practice, Shawn Wilson and James Bennett-Levy

2015 The Eleventh International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry.

Indigenous methodologies and the construction of new critical qualitative inquiry, Shawn Wilson, Robert Rinehart, Aitor Gomez, Pamela Zapata, and Cesar Antonio Cisneros-Puebla

2015 Eleventh Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, University of Illinois.

Papers from 2014


Letter to the editor: removing incongruence - or academic assimilation?, Craig Dalton and Shawn Wilson

2014 International Journal of Multiple Research Approaches 8:2 248-249.


Celebrating the 10th anniversary of ICQI: Indigenous methodologies as a way of social transformation, Aitor Gomez Gonzalez, Donna Mertens, Claudio Moreira, Patrick J. Lewis, Margaret Kovach, Consuelo Chapela, Shawn Wilson, and Thomas Schwandt

2014 The Tenth International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry.

Fractured relations? Understanding Indigenous responses to the pursuit of unconventional oil and gas extraction in Australia and Canada, Catherine Howlett and Gabrielle A. Slowey

2014 Annual Canadian Political Science Association Conference.


Can CBT be effective for Aboriginal Australians? Perspectives of Aboriginal practitioners trained in CBT, Bennett-Levy James, Shawn Wilson, Jeff Nelson, Janelle Stirling, Kelleigh Ryan, Darlene Rotumah, Wayne Budden, and Dean Beale

2014 Australian Psychologist 49:1 1-7.


Publish or perish: strategies to help rural early career researchers increase publication output, Jennifer Johnston, Shawn Wilson, Elizabeth F. Rix, and Sabrina Pit

2014 Rural and Remote Health 14:2870.


Identifying maternity services in public hospitals in rural and remote Australia, Jo Longman, Jennifer M. Pilcher, Deborah A. Donoghue, Margaret I. Rolfe, Sue V. Kildea, Sue Kruske, Jeremy J.N. Oats, Geoffrey G. Morgan, and Lesley M. Barclay

2014 Australian Health Review 38:3 337-344.


Aboriginal practitioners offer culturally safe and responsive CBT: response to commentaries, Jeff Nelson, Kelleigh Ryan, Darlene Rotumah, James Bennett-Levy, Wayne Budden, Janelle Stirling, Shawn Wilson, and Dean Beale

2014 Australian Psychologist 49:1 22-27.


‘Beats the alternative but it messes up your life’: Aboriginal people's experience of haemodialysis in rural Australia, Elizabeth F. Rix, Lesley Barclay, Janelle Stirling, Allison Tong, and Shawn Wilson

2014 BMJ Open 4:9.

Improving renal services for Aboriginal people in rural NSW: avoiding the 'costly' crisis, Elizabeth F. Rix, L Barclay, J Stirling, A Tong, and S Wilson

2014 Celebrating the positive impact of nursing & midwifery on health care.

They put funerals and family in front of their dialysis?: a qualitative study of service provider's perspectives on service delivery for Aboriginal people receiving haemodialysis in rural NSW, Elizabeth F. Rix, L Barclay, J Stirling, A Tong, and S Wilson

2014 42nd Renal Society of Australasia (RSA) National Conference 2014.


Can a white nurse get it? ‘Reflexive practice’ and the non-Indigenous clinician/researcher working with Aboriginal people, Elizabeth F. Rix, L Barclay, and S Wilson

2014 Rural and Remote Health 14:2.


Are u appy? An opportunity for health professionals to try out Aboriginal-specific e-social and emotional wellbeing apps, Darlene Rotumah, James Bennett-Levy, Judy Singer, Wendy Douglas, Michelle Sweet, and Kylie Dingwall

2014 2014 SARRAH Conference.

Access to finance, Rod Williams

2014 Regional Development Australia - Northern Inland NSW, Regional Aboriginal Symposium: tools to build new future.

Budgeting and cash flow, Rod Williams

2014 Regional Development Australia - Northern Inland NSW, Regional Aboriginal Symposium: tools to build new future.


An open forum on Indigenous research methodologies, Shawn Wilson

2014 Indigenous Research Methods, Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Knowledges and Social Work.

Contested places: creating an Indigenous consortium of educators, Shawn Wilson


Contested places: theory, practice and new directions in Indigenous education, Shawn Wilson


Research is ceremony: conversation with Dr Shawn Wilson, Shawn Wilson

2014 Afternoon Roundtable.


Research is ceremony: Indigenous research methods, Shawn Wilson

2014 Red River College Blog written by Applied Research.

The impact of Indigenist philosophy on autonomy and self governance, Shawn Wilson

2014 Harry Daniels Indigenous Governance Distinguished Lecture Series.

Why research is ceremony, Shawn Wilson

2014 International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry.

What is Indigenist research and how can Indigenist research promote change, Shawn Wilson and Frances Westley

2014 Kinomaagwinan Maamwaye, Exploring Indigenist Methodologies and Social Innovation..

Papers from 2013

Fractured culture: educare as a healing approach to Indigenous trauma, Tanietta Delauney

2013 The International Journal of Science in Society 4.


Influences on the degree of preterm birth in New South Wales, Deborah Donoghue, Douglas Lincoln, and John Beard

2013 Australian and New Zealand Journal of Publich Health 37:6 562-567.


Processes and outcomes for a successful engagement between a medical school and a remote indigenous community in North Queensland Australia, Glenda Duffy, Simone J. Ross, Torres S. Woolley, Sundram Sivamalai, Donald Whaleboat, and Adrian Miller

2013 Rural and Remote Health 13.


Indigenous free prior informed consent: a case for self determination in World Heritage nomination processes, Robert James Hales, John Rynne, Catherine Howlett, Jay Devine, and Vivian Hauser

2013 International Journal of Heritage Studies 19:3 270-287.


Indigenising the Griffith School of Environment curriculum: where to from here?, Catherine Howlett, Jo-Anne Ferreira, Monica Seini, and Christopher Matthews

2013 The Australian Journal of Indigenous Education 42:1 68-74.


Legal practitioners working more effectively with Aboriginal clients: promising new cultural competency training by Legal Aid NSW, Loretta Kelly, Antony Barac, Scott Hawkins, and Stuart Barlo

2013 Indigenous Law Bulletin 8:5 3-7.


Service providers’ perspectives, attitudes and beliefs on health services delivery for Aboriginal people receiving haemodialysis in rural Australia: a qualitative study, Elizabeth F. Rix, Lesley Barclay, Shawn Wilson, Janelle Stirling, and Allison Tong

2013 BMJ Open 3:10.

Improving renal services for Aboriginal people with end-stage kidney disease in rural NSW, Elizabeth F. Rix, L Barclay, J Stirling, A Tong, and S Wilson

2013 NSW Rural Health and Research Congress 2013.

Gongan frameworks and IBA into business, Rod Williams

2013 6th Indigenous Economic Development Forum.

Conducting research in Indigenous communities, Shawn Wilson

2013 Selkirk College.

The importance of Indigenist research for the survival of Indigenous peoples, Shawn Wilson

2013 Pacific Lutheran University.

Transformative justice: why is research important for Aboriginal communities?, Shawn Wilson

2013 Mir Lecture Series, Mir Centre for Peace, Selkirk College.

Using Indigenist research to shape our future, Shawn Wilson

2013 Decolonizing Social Work 311-322.

Using Indigenous research methodologies, Shawn Wilson

2013 University of Regina.

What's so different about research in Aboriginal communities?, Shawn Wilson



Why is using an Indigenist research paradigm an Indigenous survival necessity?, Shawn Wilson

2013 American Indigenous Research Association Conference.

Nayo way in ik issi: a family practice of Indigenist research informed by land, Shawn Wilson and Alexandria Wilson

2013 Indigenous pathways into social research: voices of a new generation.


Indigenous perspectives on the desired attributes of medical graduates practising in remote communities: a Northwest Queensland pilot study, Torres Woolley, Sundram Sivamalai, Simone Ross, Glenda Duffy, and Adrian Miller

2013 Australian Journal of Rural Health 21:2 90-96.

Papers from 2012


When financial incentives do more good than harm: a checklist: rapid responses, Sabrina Pit, Vibeke Hansen, Peter Honeyman, Lesley Barclay, and Deborah A. Donoghue

2012 BMJ 345.


How feasible are lifestyle modification programs for disease prevention in general practice?, Heile Schütze, Elizabeth F. Rix, Rachel A. Laws, Mahnaz Franaian, and Mark F. Harris

2012 Australian Journal of primary health 18:2 129-137.


Building Indigenous knowledge through Indigenist research, Shawn Wilson

2012 Office of Aboriginal Initiatives and the Office of the Vice-President Academic and Research, Nipissing University.

Indigenist research, Shawn Wilson

2012 Community Presentation.

Indigenist research and the Sami, Shawn Wilson

2012 University of Tromso.


CBT works for Aboriginal people, doesn’t it?, Shawn Wilson, J Bennett-Levy, and J Nelson

2012 35th Australian Association for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy National Conference.


How sanctioning traditional knowledge may promote fundamentalism, Shawn Wilson and Alexandria Wilson

2012 International Indigenous Development Research Conference 2012.

Papers from 2011


Neoliberalism, mineral development and Indigenous people: a framework for analysis, Cathy Howlett, Monica Seini, Diana McCallum, and Natalie Osborne

2011 Australian Geographer 42:3 309-323.


Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander communities and the development of pandemic influenza containment strategies: community voices and community control, Peter D. Massey, Adrian Miller, Sherry Saggers, David N. Durrheim, Richard Speare, Kylie Taylor, Glenn Pearce, Travis Odo, Jennifer Broome, Jenni Judd, Jenny Kelly, Magdalena Blackley, and Alan Clough

2011 Health Policy 103:2/3 184-190.

Indigenous knowledge and respectful design: an evidence-based approach, Norm W. Sheehan

2011 Design Issues 27:4 68-80.