Neoliberalism, mineral development and Indigenous people: a framework for analysis

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Howlett, C, Seini, M, McCallum, D & Osborne, N 2011, 'Neoliberalism, mineral development and Indigenous people: a framework for analysis', Australian Geographer, vol. 42, no. 3, pp. 309-323.

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There have been suggestions in recent literature that neoliberalism and globalisation present positive opportunities for Indigenous communities engaging in resource development projects on their traditional lands. This paper will present evidence from preliminary research on the neoliberal restructuring that has endured for those Indigenous communities of Queensland who have engaged with mineral development opportunities. Initial findings indicate that the State has devolved some of its responsibilities to the mining company in relation to Indigenous development and service provision. This paper develops a theoretical and analytical framework to enable an examination of the implications of this voluntary devolution of responsibility for Indigenous development and service provision and questions whether this represents a positive opportunity for Indigenous people in the region.

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