Consulting stakeholders in high-risk foot care services development

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Devlin, N & Nancarrow, S 2003, 'Consulting stakeholders in high-risk foot care services development', The Diabetic Foot, vol. 6, no. 4, pp. 190-201.

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This paper reports the results of stakeholder consultation in the development of high-risk foot services in the Australian Capital Territory. Three consultation approaches were used, including a survey of service users, two workshops with a range of stakeholders, and in-depth interviews with 13 people with diabetes and a previous history of a lower extremity ulcer or amputation. The consultation phase identified a number of issues for improving lower limb services: the need to improve communication between health service providers; the need for services to be accessible; and the barriers when accessing appropriate footwear. The consultation led to an integrated, virtual approach to the delivery of foot care services.

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